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We are proud of what our clients have to say about the friendly and reliable service they received from the entire team at Cochecton Oil and Propane.

Excellent service yet again from Cochecton Oil. What an exceptional crew. Thank you for the oil and propane!

— Cadence G.

Great customer service! I can always count on them.

— T Oliver P.

After being overcharged by Suburban Propane we wanted to switch ASAP. Cochecton Oil was by far the best solution! Great prices, great staff & great service all in one!!

— Kathy F.

Cochecton Oil is fantastic! Great service, great prices, dependable and helpful. I highly recommend them!

— NL B.

,So after trying multiple oil providers in Sullivan County, Cochecton Oil is by far the best and least expensive provider. Not only do they answer the phones and provide amazing customer service, I called last night for a delivery and they were here by 9am this morning!!! Amazing service! Wouldn’t choose any other company!! Thank you, thank you!!

— Nicky F.

Fast, reliable, and has competitive prices for both oil and propane.

— Pat P.

This is a MAJOR Propane Company that provides delivery of propane to Sullivan County, Residential and Commercial customers. They also provide Full Service Calls, on tanks, heaters, etc., both scheduled and have for me, specifically, on emergency basis. This company has been around for MANY years. Very Professional, Friendly, and Reliable. Highly recommend!

— Sammy P.

I had signed a propane delivery contract with Suburban Propane (located in Liberty, NY) shortly after purchasing our home in Nov of 2019. Soon after my first fill up (using their tank) I kept seeing the trucks coming in, up to twice a month to refill the tank. Unfortunately, the price that I was being charged for the refills was 3x the amount of the first fill up. The worst part was that the drivers working for Suburban could never make a delivery to my property if they noticed snow on my driveway. I even hired a guy to plow my driveway just before Suburban's visit and they still failed to deliver my fuel in the dead of winter. I finally lost patience with Suburban once I ran out of fuel in late January of 2020. I then realized I had made a major mistake and decided to look into other propane companies in the area. I found Cochecton Oil & Propane, situated only minutes away from my property, and after speaking with both Norma and Patrick I quickly made my decision to switch to them! I cancelled my contract with Suburban that same day and purchased my own tank. Patrick arrived on site just as scheduled along with his crew, connected my brand new tank, pressure tested it, and filled it up with his propane for a very reasonable price! He even told me that his company is equipped with 4x4 delivery trucks to make sure that fuel deliveries can be made to his clients in any situation. How nice is that!? So far I am extremely happy with Cochecton Oil and their entire crew! I seriously couldn't be happier with their service! They may be a small company compared to one like Suburban, but they treat their customers just like a true company should. Thank you Cochecton!!

— Igor K.

I've been ordering oil here for 6 years now. Amazing service. You can call anytime for a delivery and you can schedule auto refills. I’ve always been happy with the service and Norma is always nice to talk to. The weather today is negative 18 with wind in my neck of the woods. I was supposed to call Cochecton Oil for a refill but frankly I forgot. I’m not due for a delivery for another week or 2 but wanted to get extra because of the weather. These guys delivered oil today on the coldest day in years without me calling them. They are outside making deliveries in this dangerous weather because they know this is when their clients need them most. I can’t tell you the peace of mind Cochecton Oil gives me. I can’t thank them enough!!!

— Brooke M.

Just like to thank Peter, the owner, and his staff for being professional, helpful, and courteous. A great company.

— Billy D.

Ordered heating oil from here for the first time today. Was totally in a bind, and completely out of oil with two dogs and snow on the way. Am a drive on the top of the tank kind of person, but the gauge on my oil tank malfunctioned and we lost heat sometime overnight last night. Norma (in the office) and Patrick (who made the delivery) were both so nice and helpful. This is a family owned business and it also feels really great to support them! Highly recommend and will spread the word. Thank You Cochecton Oil!

— Ann M.
We are a local, family owned and operated, energy supplier for residential and commercial applications. We also perform propane tank installations for indoor and outdoor applications.
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Excellent service yet again from Cochecton Oil! Cadence G.
6978 State Route 52 Cochecton, NY 12726 Directions
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Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm
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